Vision, while looking at the ocean

by Vega

Dark the sky rises from the sea
Bright are the stars of Elentári
Quiet murmur the waters against the shore
That stir the deep pools of memory in me

Dark is the moon that wanes new
Bright was the remnant of tide that withdrew
Quiet is the passage of ships near shore
Their prows set on paths straight and true

Dark slumbers Mithlond, shrouded in gloom
Bright cold are these ramparts from stone hewn
Quiet the waves whisper to inclined ear
At journey's end in the Gulf of Lune

Dark though the sorrow on heart lingers long
Bright upon lips still rises hope's song
Quiet is the verse falling on unseen ear
That sings of truth overcoming all wrong

Dark is the East that births shadow
Bright the land was, now cursed with woe
Quiet a fell voice draws the strings of my heart
And drives me to battle with stranger and foe

Dark rises the sun weeping tears red
Bright burns fire raging my head
Quiet are the fears that creep in my heart
And consume my soul with terrible dread

Dark flows my blood from mortal wounds flayed
Bright fury glitters from wielded blade
Quiet a deep veil draws over all thought
Mist hides a mortal world beginning to fade

Darkness engulfs, yet cannot claim me
Bright calls unfulfilled destiny
Quiet commands One divine thought
Raises my soul, from near death sets me free

Dark and heavy is the heart grieved
Bright sears the pain of one bereaved
Quiet flow tears from lowering eyes
As spirits once twined are now cleaved

Dark enfolds me in a cloak of despair
Bright be the stars that crown my hair
Quiet the cry that draws glistening eyes
Abroad to westering realm fair

Dark though the mantle of deep sorrow
Bright is the faint hope riding on the morrow
Quiet rests and composes my soul
Giving me strength for the way I must follow

Dark is the past of uncounted year
Bright future once was, now fading drear
Quiet I walk with fluttering soul
Upon unknown road, fraught with fear

Dark though this Age is, and mortal hopes wane
Bright are the stars, forever they shall remain
Quiet now, serene is my weary spirit
Emboldened, though scarred with pain

Dark is the pool of hidden thought
Bright the memories therein are wrought
Quiet is the voice that draws my spirit
The voice of my beloved that now fades to nought