The Passing of Elves

by Vega

Good day, fair strangers! "And good day to you!
But pray, delay us not, we are but passing through,
Onward to far shores where the old is made new."
Indeed, fair strangers, wherewhither go you?

Where are you going, lovely Elven maid?
"To lands undying, where hope does not fade.
Upon ebbing tide grey ships await
To take me to white shores through the Way straight."

Why do you weep, my beautiful lass?
"For heroes of old and great deeds long past.
From earth they came and now return to dust,
While their memory fades into shadow and rust."

Why sing ye sweet, merry Elven lad?
"I sing a fond farewell; it makes my heart glad
To part from these shores filled with much toil and sorrow,
And look forth to peace and bright skies on the morrow."

Why, my lord, do you leave Middle-earth?
The home of your fathers, the place of your birth?
"Alas, in this land they breathed their last breath,
Their noble lives claimed by darkness and death.

"Now sail we into the setting sun
And there our long journey at last is done.
We leave, through gentle mist and rain,
This realm upon which we shall ne'er walk again."

"Goodbye, Middle-earth! You who gave us great joys
And sorrows and travails, merry laughs and sad sighs.
Our time is ending, our people seek rest
Within Elvenhome in the uttermost West."

Farewell, lords and ladies, may blessings speed your way
To the harbour beyond the Hills, the Havens Grey,
To the ships of old that will carry you afar
To Eldamar, where no sorrows are.

But those who yet in this mortal earth dwell
Will mourn the day you bid us farewell.
For gone are the folk who herein once lived;
Who will fall into legend, legend into myth.

But when evening arrives and the shadows grow long,
The green fields and forests still whisper your song.
The creation of old shall not forget you,
They will sing to your mem'ry with voices true.