Ocean Journey

by Vega

Hey! Cast off the ropes, to sea we're going
The escort rides forth, dolphins leaping
Upon the bow flies seaspray foaming
As waves beneath the hull are churning

Above rippled water reflection lighting
Goes bright sun in true course gliding
Straight ahead there our way is lying
Behind white wake laughs tinkling

Hey! Raise the sails, tradewind is blowing
We must travel afar to earn our keeping
Away we hasten on high seas roaming
Beneath sun on bronze skin burning

We gather from sea-pasture cod and whiting
The leagues slip away from swift prow riding
And high above the gulls are flying
'Till the sun descends into waters winking

Behold! The deep currents are flowing
Many a moon has passed over our sleeping
The days run on, from dawn to gloaming
While in our hearts grows a yearning

For familiar faces and arms inviting
Do ye not desire sweet home's tiding?
Listen, hear your loved ones to you are crying
As their waking thoughts to you always thinking?

Hey! To home we go, desire growing
To embrace and change to laughter the weeping
Make haste, our hearts are homing
Before the ship, her prow turning

As on horizon is familiar land sighting
And hearth and home of love abiding
To hear the waves on shores a-sighing
As sun at end of day is sinking