by Vega

Beyond the pass of high Caradhras
Eastward from star-struck Mirrormere
Rising above the merry Celebrant
Lies a beautiful land that I love dear

A realm worried not by strife or war
Within its bounds evil fears to tread
And the weary soul is restored
As worldly sorrow and care are shed

There the sun of serenity smiles
Each season is blessed with golden cheer
An eternal land of timelessness
Where a single day endures like a year

A land of people fey and fair
Delighting in endless song and dance
Where voices rise ever and anon
In verses that captivate and entrance

To that land I set my eyes
To that realm my thoughts now turn
To the Valley of the Singing Gold
To Laurelindórinan

Flying across heath and grass
Toward the golden bounds I race
Ah! at last I have returned
To familiar arms opened in embrace

Toil and trouble flee afar
As rest and healing I now find
Treading through the verdant grass
That blooms with elanor and evermind

Walking beneath sun-kissed canopy
As trees rise benevolently around
Beech and aspen, oak and ash
Their leaves whisper a musical sound

And if I see from the edge of my eye
A fleeting shade, now lost from view
They are the Galadhrim, the vigilant watch
Whose arrows fly swift and true

Onward I walk in peace and calm
Beside the singing Silverlode
I know that I am finally home
In Lothlórien, ever my abode

And one of purest heart and mind
Whose thoughts hold no ill or wrong
Will espy with keen Elven-eye
The great city of Caras Galadhon

Perhaps one will walk the white streets
Beneath the shelter of the leaves
And ascend the gently swaying flets
To tread above the forest's eaves

O City concealed in the heights
Above the walls of lofty mallorn!
O People of the trees, whose lords
Are Galadriel and Celeborn!

When I journey to lands afar
When I despair of this weary roam
Always I think of Lothlórien
Forever my beloved home