Homage to Belegaer

by Vega

Belegaer, great ocean of waters wide
Of rolling waves and of ebbing tide
High above which the gulls soar and glide
By your fair shores I will ever abide

In the morning I wake and lo! I do hear
Your whispering voice that I hold very dear
It draws me from slumber with reveille clear
Heralding a new day full of life and cheer

From safe harbour our ships dare sail
Voyaging far through sun and gale
Upon wandering currents mark their trail
And return the mariner home to tell his tale

From northern wasteland at the Bay of Ice
To calm waters clear in sunny Belfalas
Ebbing and flowing, the deep currents pass
Even to undying lands in the West

Though storms may rage and blot out the light
Though the depths churn with Ossë's great might
Yet through dark clouds the sun will shine bright
And the beacon stars guide us home in the night

O mighty ocean breaking on the shore!
My fathers to you their allegiances swore
Though strife may fall, and troubles and war
Still I will dwell near you forevermore