Here is an incomplete visual description of things that have no shape.

One. Death is a bottomless pool of clear water.

Two. Wind is a question mark.

Three. Morality is a thermos.

Four. Love is an over-full shopping bag with a broken handle.

Five. Fear is a cinderblock tower with a single door and no windows.

—Episode 148 "The Broadcaster",
Welcome to Night Vale

KRZ.02 Order

We should put these [video tapes] all in chronological order. Although I guess it's hard to remember, sometimes, the order of things...

Un Pueblo de Nada (Episode 4.5),
Kentucky Route Zero

What if the primary work of education was the transforming of our imagination rather than the saturation of our intellect? And what if this had as much to do with our bodies as with our minds?

—James K. A. Smith, Desiring the Kingdom

Dreams have no perimeter of reality.


Thought fights with thought;
out springs a spark of truth
From the collision of the sword and shield.

— W.S. Landor
(via North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell)

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