A love letter full of promises. That's right. Have you ever had one? ... Well I have, and I'm gonna recite it to you. If you had one, you'd know just how I feel. And it goes like this.

Oh, darling, do not now be lonely,
lonely anymore
I shall be the lover
Waiting at your door, oh love

Letter full of promises

Oh, dearest, I shall be the moonlight
In the clear blue air
And the sparkling stardust
That will kiss your hair, oh love

Letter full of promises

Oh, sweetheart, I shall be the sunshine
Calming down your fears
And the gentle breezes
Cooling off your tears, oh love

Letter full of promises

Honey, I shall be the shadow
Lying at your feet
Longing to embrace you
When again we shall meet

Darling, do not now be lonely
Lonely anymore
For I am here beside you
Here forevermore.

--"Teenager's Letter Of Promises" (1959), Juanita Rogers;
sampled by Ben Babbitt for Kentucky Route Zero, interlude "The Entertainment"

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