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Weekly Art Dispatch, No. 9 🎨

7 February 2021 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Progress on my Big Art Project continues.   I was quite worried last week that I wouldn't be able to recover easily from the impostor syndrome -- and while recovery wasn't easy, it only took a few days before I could get back onto the art train.  The last time impostor syndrome knocked me down, I took 2 months to get back up.  So a few days down is definitely a win!

The Art Life: Big Project

I finished the first out of a planned 4 pieces.  Continuing and finishing art is a major breakthrough -- especially for a project under deadline like this one.

The full Piece #1 will appear later, so in the meantime, have the supporting documentation.

Preliminary thumbnailing of the full image.

The "scratch file" where I drafted various ideas before committing them to the actual image.

A few glimpses of the finished work.  On A4 sketchpaper, includes a pencil tip (sharpened with scalpel) for scale.

25% complete on the Big Project!  I'm well into the Piece #2 now, and happy with how it's going.  But Pieces #1 and #2 are the easier ones because I had clear ideas for them.  #3 and #4 will require a lot more brainstorming...

Fun Art

After finishing Big Project Piece #1, I needed to decompress with some fun art.  Nothing more fun than drawing my own original characters in motion.

My original characters, Vega (top) and Zhael (bottom).  Same pose, different character.

Study Art

Big Project is taking up most of my drawing time, so I've put my drawing courses (Draw A Box and The Art and Science of Figure Drawing) on hold until the end of the month.  On the other hand, Figuary 2021 is happening all February.  I haven't practiced gesture/figure drawing for a while, and Figuary looks a lot less mentally intensive than my other courses, so I'm going to dip in and follow as much as possible.

But this week was also special: it was my first time joining Drawing Night, hosted by [an old friend](  We were drawing/painting from photograph references, so I took this opportunity to dive into the deep end of value studies.  And it really was deep...

Protip: If you're new to value studies, probably best not to start off with humans.  They're very hard to do.

Also protip: Drawing with friends is fun!  I hope to continue it next time.

Next week's topics: More progress on Big Project (I expect Piece #2 to be finished by then), and whatever Figuary studies I can do.


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