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Weekly Art Dispatch, No. 10 🎨

14 February 2021 - Reading time: 6 minutes

RL was quite busy this week, but somehow I managed to make progress on that Big Art Project, more-or-less keep up with Figuary 2021, and even draw a bunch of other stuff!

Study art & Figuary 2021

Lovelifedrawing's Figuary month of figure drawing has been great, even though I was playing catch-up from the start and still haven't caught up!  I've already learned a new gesture drawing technique -- the block-in method, from the Figuary tutorial playlist on YouTube.  I used to begin figures with the head and the line of action, but the block-in technique begins with the torso.  It's a good paradigm shift: I think it's helping me improve on my proportions, and build more 3-D form into the whole body.

I'm doing the Figuary practice poses in batches of about 2-3 videos, the sustained practice helps me consolidate the techniques better than doing one video every day.

Some Figuary gestures, in pencil (top) and pen (bottom).  I prefer doing them in pen, but might switch between both to get the hang of the different tools.

I also did some outdoors life drawing with another arty friend.  We sat on a park bench in front of a local library, and just drew what we saw.

Trees are tricky, but I'm happy with how this one turned out.

Big Art Project

I finished Art Piece #2 this week.  It was challenging at first, and I didn't think I could pull it off... but I pushed through the discomfort, and it ended up being quite fun to do.

2 down for the Big Art Project, 2 more to go.  Halfway through!

Conceptualizing and thumbnailing the piece.

Some previews.  That F hardness pencil got a great workout in the drawing.

Fun Art

Right now, my fun art is definitely the inside-my-comfort-zone, decompressing-from-focused-project kind of fun.  And nothing is more fun and easy to draw than my characters.

A bunch of original and fan characters.  This was good practice at making heads and faces distinct from each other.

The Art Life

On Dispatch issue #6, I gave myself a goal of finishing two art pieces a week, one of them a full illustration.  So far I've met that goal every week without fail.  That's a good sign: my drawing stamina is increasing!  With everything else going on in life, this is probably the maximum pace that I can sustain, but I'm pleased that it's become a routine pace.

Big Art Project and its deadline is also great practice at producing work under (mild) pressure.  Currently, the most nerve-wracking part on both Pieces #1 and #2 is moving out of initial block-in/sketching pass and into the first round of detailing and hardening outlines.  This was when I experienced the most uncertainty and insecurity: Is this idea good?  Can I do it justice?  Will I be able to finish it well?  And this uncertainty arises with every new iteration on the work (hardening linework, detailing, texturing, values/lighting balance).  But every time I push through and dive into the next iteration, it turns out better than I expect.

I was more adventurous in Piece #2 than #1, and I ended up quite happy with it.  Win!

Next week’s topics: more Big Art Project (I must finish Piece #3 by then), more Figuary.


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