Site update.

18 December 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Moved a few things around the domain. My commonplace book, Canto, is now at its own site, so some posts have disappeared from this blog. Canto really needs to be its own thing, it's more of a curated gallery than a workaday blog like this one. One day I'll take my enormous archive at Tumblr and migrate it over here so I have all the content on my domain, but that's a (very big) task for another day.

This blog, velivolans, will continue to have art updates, game and book reviews, and other bloggy stuff.

I'm very pleased that I discovered Bludit from another blogger/artist.  It's a simple, lightweight and fast CMS oriented towards static site generation (SSG) and small websites. I've always liked the idea of SSGs but messing around in code is quite beyond my ability or interest. Now that Bludit is powering all the backend and I can bounce WordPress into the dustbin, I'm actually motivated to produce content for my domain.

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I'm Vega.

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