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Resuming Drawabox, continuing art series: Weekly Art Dispatch No. 27 🎨

10 August 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes

It's been business as usual this week: I've resumed the Drawabox course for the month, while continuing to develop my digital workflow and get more comfortable in it. As for all that hinting in Dispatch #26.5... sorry to let you down, but it's not yet time to post that art piece yet. When it happens, it happens!

Study Art

It's August, so I've resumed my slow progress through Drawabox. I'm now at Lesson 6, "Applying Construction(al drawing) to Everyday Objects" -- this is the section of DaB that I've always wanted to do. I'm pretty well-versed in drawing organic subjects, but have little experience with hard-surface subjects like household objects and vehicles.

I've just started this lesson, and it's been an enjoyable if difficult challenge so far.

Some Lesson 6 homework: form intersections, and constructing a Bluetooth speaker.

Digital Art

I made a bit more progress on the 50 Bird challenge.

Bird #37: A hummingbird (that has put on weight), with a friend. Photo reference: MyModernMet

Continuing my Anthem fanart series.

Freelancer Mel Mossine and her javelin; this character belongs to Fleshwerks.

I'm using this kind of short "drawing series" as a way to develop skill in focused areas. In the case of this Anthem fanart, my underlying purpose is to refine my digital workflow and various other digital drawing processes. It's only been two weeks since I first started using this workflow (in Dispatch #26), but I think I've internalized it to the point that I can start focusing on details and improving the image quality overall. The production quality of this Anthem painting is substantially better than the previous one from Dispatch #26.

Speaking of production quality, I recently watched a Ctrl+Paint video on craftsmanship: a topic that doesn't seem to be addressed too often. I was following Ctrl+Paint tutorials back in April when I started learning digital art, but stopped when I got frustrated by the drawing techniques it taught. But Matt Kohr (the creator) is very good at explaining mindset and big approaches to digital painting. Now that I've gained a bit more digital art experience, maybe it's time to revisit Ctrl+Paint again.

Next week's topics: Continuing Drawabox and my Anthem fanart series.

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the Art Dispatch! 🎨

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