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Interlude in outdoor sketches: Weekly Art Dispatch No. 28.5 🎨

31 August 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

This week's Art Dispatch will be a short one.  I have spent this whole week working on what is possibly my first paid gig as a freelance illustrator.  It's not completed yet, but it has been a wild and exciting ride so far, and I've learned a ton from this experience.  I hope to post more about it later!

No Drawabox and personal art to show this week since I put them all on hold, but I did some outdoor sketching to decompress from the gig.  Enjoy them.

Pylons next to a train track.

A walking bridge.

Cityscape over the river.

Next week's topics: Everything I put on hold -- Drawabox Lesson 6, and Anthem fanart.  And if all goes well, a debriefing about freelancing for the first time.

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the Art Dispatch! 🎨

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