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Cylinders and digital birds: Weekly Art Dispatch No. 24 🎨

12 July 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes

After experiencing significant project drop last week, I'm getting back into the groove of fun art again... sort of.

Study Art

Still plugging away at Drawabox's 250 Cylinder challenge. I started this portion of Drawabox exactly a month ago, and am now in the home stretch -- a lot faster than I expected, but I had a lot of motivation and energy in the early days and pushed through very hard. Good move, because I'm feeling the fatigue now, but only have a few more pages left to do!

250 Cylinder challenge: 150 cylinders around an axis + 100 cylinders drawn inside a bounding box.

Fun Art

I'm still a bit in art project limbo (as mentioned in Quarterly Art Review Q2). But for now, I'm continuing with the 50 Bird challenge, which I put aside for a while.

I'm using this drawing "challenge" to experiment with different art media. Birds 1-10 were in pencil (dispatch #20); 11-20 in fineliner pen (dispatch #21); and 21-32 in brush pen. About the brush pen birds, the less said, the better...

Birds 33-40 will be painted digitally. I haven't done any digital art for all of June: time to pick it up again.

Birds 33-35: rosella (left), fairy wren (right), New Zealand kea (bottom). Photo references from Peter Bray.

Next week's topics: more digital birds, and hopefully, more developments on the digital art front. I enjoyed painting these birds, and I think they'll be a good inroad to help me keep learning and experimenting with digital art again. And maybe I'll figure out a project to sink my teeth in.

Thanks for reading this week's edition of the Art Dispatch! 🎨

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