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Drawfest, and going on a newsletter hiatus: Weekly Art Dispatch No. 22 🎨

24 May 2021 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Ah, this is going to be a short newsletter.  This week has been somewhat unproductive regarding art -- I've been preoccupied with non-art things, including playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which was the recently released remaster of that iconic video game series.  I continued with study art, and started some fun art pieces, but haven't finished any of those unfortunately!

I'm also going to take a short hiatus from writing this Art Dispatch.  I've published it weekly for over 5 months! It's been a great record of my learning and an accountability tool, but I can feel myself getting a bit fatigued with the pace.  To avoid burning out, I'll take a break for the month of June, and resume the weekly posts when I make my Quarterly Art Review at the end of June.  I'll still be drawing fun and study art of course, and will keep posting them on Instagram and Tumblr.  At least, that's the plan!

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Slow and steady: Weekly Art Dispatch, No. 21 🎨

17 May 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes

It's one of those weeks without any new discoveries or breakthroughs, just steady progress and consolidating what I learned last week.

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A breakthrough in digital drawing: Weekly Art Dispatch, No. 20 🎨

11 May 2021 - Reading time: 8 minutes

This Dispatch is a bit late as I've been AFK for a lot of this weekend. (Amongst other things, I spent all Sunday bouldering with a friend - it was a great deal of fun, but I am a great deal unfit.  I'm still feeling the post-workout ache!)

Not as much art this week as I've been trying to juggle Drawabox homework with traditional drawing with digital art... but I made an important breakthrough.

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Timelapse: Canyon cube

2 May 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Painting timelapse of the canyon cube (Weekly Art Dispatch #19), assembled in Clip Studio Paint.
The frames were extracted from screenshots, so they varied in size.

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A month of digital art: Weekly Art Dispatch, No. 19 🎨

2 May 2021 - Reading time: 9 minutes

It's the end of April, my first month of learning digital art.  How did I do?

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Painting monochrome and drawing big: Weekly Art Dispatch, No. 18. 🎨

25 April 2021 - Reading time: 6 minutes

This week's art output was a bit haphazard as I tried to figure out a balance between learning digital art, while still creating "fun art" with my usual traditional sketches.

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