Vega nightfishes in the great Sky River.

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I blog my thoughts about art, writing, and other creative projects. I also review books and video games, and post interesting things I've found in realspace and cyberspace.

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A commonplace book of imagery, poetry, quotes, music, and other inspiring things.  Curated from the Internet.

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Fan-fiction for Anthem and Lord of the Rings

Anthem is a science-fantasy, multiplayer, shooter game by BioWare.  The Lord of the Rings... needs no explanation.  I wrote plenty of fanfic for both worlds.

It is illegal to serve hot sauce to a dragon in Granada

A cute, fantastical story scripted in Twine and written in 2018. My first foray into interactive fiction (IF).

Star of High Hope

A "fansite" about Eärendil from Tolkien's The Silmarillion.  A very old site (created c. early 2000s) but I still like the character.  Best viewed on a desktop browser!

Who I am.

Artist, writer, reader, video-gamer.  World-builder, autodidact, jack-of-all-trades.


How to define Vega? The greatest of scholars have debated the matter for substantially more than two thousand years. Vega has been an empire builder, a spaceship named the Octogenarian Sparrow, a particularly egregious lapse in the space-time continuum; but before everything, a lowercase letter "e" on the one hundred and fourteenth page of an omnibus first edition of the complete works of Edward Bulwer-Lytton. An inauspicious beginning, to be sure, but from there fortunes could only rise. A decade later, Vega could be seen as the hyphen on the cover of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary; a year later, a full sentence on the third page of a work of Austen (the identity of which is currently another heated subject of dispute). These astronomical bounds in status have defied the imaginations of generations of intellectuals, and have never been rivaled since.

To continue your investigation of Vega, place your finger in the marked tab and turn to page 3945.b, section 6, column ii.

—(Thanks to Emera for writing my bio)

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